Myrtle Apartments



7517 West Myrtle Avenue, Glendale, AZ 85303

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Myrtle Apartments is a 23-unit Build to Rent (BTR) community composed of four townhomes, five duplexes, and five detached apartment homes located the in burgeoning area of 75th and Glendale Avenues. BTR are upscale communities of single family, duplex and townhome-style units that differ greatly from a standard apartment complex. BTR communities attracts customers who cannot afford a home or may not want the responsibility of owning a home, but wanting something more than an traditional apartment complex.

Housing diversity is accomplished through five different unit sizes varying from 692 to 1,331 square feet (“sf”). The unit mix includes 1 bedroom/1 bath, 2 bedroom/2 bath, and 3 bedroom/3 bathroom. The 23 units are spread across 13 buildings. There are 2 two-story townhomes, 7 one-story duplexes, and 5 single story detached apartment homes. The buildings are elegantly simple with multiple two-tone exterior color palettes. Each building will be framed-constructed with a stucco finish and asphalt roof.

The one bedroom-one bathroom floor plan are either 692 sf or 695 sf. The two bedroom-two bathroom floor plan is 1,088 sf, and are built as either a duplex or detached single unit. The three bedroom-two bathroom floor plan is 1,331 sf and is only available as a duplex. Each unit is separated by a fire-rated, high sound attenuation partition wall with a 1” dead space between units. The dead space is an important factor in stopping sound transmission between units and lowering sound-related unit turnover.

The Project has permit-ready construction documents available to be purchased and construction able to be started at any time.